365 films in 2013

#18 - Django Unchained (2012, dir. Quentin Tarantino)

Despite the negative reviews I’ve heard from the Americans while I waited patiently for Tarantino’s new movie to be released in Australia, I was not let down at all. I laughed at the quirky style, the theatrical soundtrack and excessive violence. Sure, the plot sometimes dragged but my only justification for disagreeing with negativity towards this movie was that it was awesome. The dynamite? Awesome. The soundtrack? Fucking awesome. And of course, it did address unspoken matters of the brutal slavery system set up by white Americans, what with the internal and external racism, the businesses used to exploit black people and ways of punishment. All in all, it wasn’t Tarantino’s best but it definitely wasn’t his worst, and it’s brilliant soundtrack and awesome acting certainly made me a happy person.

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